I got a reward-
a trophy
higher than these pine tress.

Higher than the clouds
I wish
I was that fortunate.

I count death,
one, two, three,

@ Dole Philippines, Inc. Kalsangi

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The Hungry Self
Kim Chernin

Php 20 , Nov. 22, 2009,
Booksale KCC Mall of Gensan

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Momentary Bliss

[Brownie Ala Mode: Carlo's Pizza, Tagaytay City, Nov. 18, 2009]

Life, you're beautiful (I say)
you just couldn't get more fecund,
more befrogged or nightingaily,
more anthillful or sproutspouting.

I'm trying to court life's favor,
to get into its good graces,
to anticipate its whims.

I'm always the first to bow,
always there where it can see me
with my humble, reverent face,
soaring on the wings of rapture,
falling under waves of wonder.

Oh how grassy is this hopper,
how this berry ripely rasps.
I would never have conceived it
if I weren't conceived myself!

[Caramel Turtle Torte: Starbucks Coffee, Tagaytay City, Nov. 17, 2009]

Life (I say) I've no idea
what I could compare you to.
No one else can make a pine cone
and then make the pine cone's clone.

I praise your inventiveness,
bounty, sweep, exactitude,
sense of order – gifts that border
on witchcraft and wizardry.

I just don't want to upset you,
tease or anger, vex or rile.
For millennia, I've been trying
to appease you with my smile.

I tug at life by its leaf hem:
will it stop for me, just once,
momentarily forgetting
to what end it runs and runs?

*ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO by Wislawa Szymborska

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[Dawn: Cavite State University, Nov. 16, 2009]

Pleasure is not mine, I should not write it-
it is the reward of those who wait
and still on the process of waiting
usually done
in the break of dawn where
everything is youthful

[Miniature Pine Trees: Starbucks, Tagaytay City Nov. 17, 2009]

Pleasure is the song of the foiled,
the requiem of their souls,
sung with so much joy
merrier than
someoneelse's halleluia-
it is cold,
it is forgiving

[ Marathon: Cavite State University,Nov. 16, 2009]

Pleasure is not mine, I should not write it-
it is hidden behind every shadow,
mimicking sadness-
drawing white lines
of hazy,vague

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Loving Poetry over Short Stories*

*D taught me how to write poetry. Now, I'm still writing our memories through abstract images . If i could describe our Friendship it would be a Red Rose:

Red Rose

It was the death
of a red rose
where crimson
darker than
our blood.


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Where everything is simple and still.

Nov. 2, 2009
I. Solis Elementary School
Brgy, Olympog, General Santos City.
An education on top of the mountain.

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Pérdida de Conexiones

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
by Julia Alvarez
Second Opinions
by Jerome Groopman, M.D

November 1, 2009
BOOKSALE, KCC Mall of Marbel

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