Loving the Curves

Women Look at Biology
Looking at women
45, php

View with a grain of sand
by Wislawa Symborska,

by Alberto Ruy Sanchez,
20 php

KCC Mall of GenSan, General Santos City
August 26, 2009

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You're a silver- tongued creature!

I heard
the war of echoes
in the stillness
of the night-

each of those evenings
i wept
together with the blanket
of longing,

i felt
the coldness
it absorbed me
any prejudiced waves

Rage, rage
in the dying of the night

you're a silver-
tongued creature
of might

I heard
the war of echoes
in the stillness
of the night-

into that gentle
good night

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Loving my Dad!

Happy Birthday Pap!

I hope that someday,
you'll stumble

upon my blog so you'd know
how grateful I am as your child.

I Love You so Much!
You're the best Dad in the world.

i promise to pedal with you SOON!


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What must not be mentioned: The Barbarity of certain Images*

(a renga written during Tim Lantz's 2nd birthday)**

I saw her with a curve on her lips-
the kind of anonymity of pleasure
i felt once again

and there was a dove
as it flapped its wings
and drew closer to her

but she was writing something,
she never noticed the grace of the bird
as it stooped

she was busy and still
adoring the silence of words
and the elegance of each script

i knew she was dancing
with the pain
of melancholy

i was distant-
a window glass and five couples
between us

i walked away,
as if i knew what
she had written-

veering away
i tried to catch
another trip.

*from Louise Durpe's Liszt or Schumann

  • Aunt Bhing, - 2nd line
  • Aunt Shie, - 2nd stanza
  • Uncle Bobong - 1st line
  • Mom's Bestfriend (Aunt Mel), - persona
  • Damsel - stanza's 3-8, concept

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You have the option of ignoring the truth until that moment when the dead begins inserting messages inside your dreams*

Say it softly, whisper it gently
the words you ought to say
a sweet serenade
before my deathbed

I will listen to you
like any forgotten cadaver-
like one
of your forsaken lovers

I know no accuracy
as I lived with
and ambiguity,

but now,
you're standing before me
shedding beads of tears,
how do I know

that I'm not somebody's tomorrow
(I waited for so long)
like the paradise
I once wished we were into-

alive in a yesterday.

*from Four Pairs by Camille Norton and Lou Robinson

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A person has a right to protest and complain and to yearn bitterly for release*

Where can I rest?
in a land of famine,
none at it's best:

not under the mourning sky,

devoid of sweet hopes-

of still moonshadow

not in the farmfields,

not in the scars of history

not in the battlefields

not under the whimpering

voice of democracy

Where can I rest?

not in your pride

away from your sight-

far from any emotional


Where can I rest,

when all I can see is dirt black

where there are shadows

running everywhere

where there is

no room of my own

where there is

only me

and my


*from Perfection and Derangement by Fanny Howe

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i was silent
for the past few days:

i recalled images, recoiling-
Picasso's Guernica,
Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray
and Piet

there were
scratches of lines,
silhouettes of faces
scattered on the canvas-
an incarceration from
the world of verity

i felt chaos screaming
inside my head
so, i sat like Auguste Rodin's
The Thinker
while some random images
squeezed me

I felt like I was a voyeur
and ambiguity,

I pondered.

the ticking of the clock
it echoed,

and for a few seconds
a lady,
by her own cravenness,

in silence,
would have wanted to
die another death.

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Resurgent, New Writing by Women
by Lou Robinson & Camille Norton
August 5, 2009
KCC Mall of GenSan

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Writing Snapshots,Silencing Poetry

(Memories of July)

Marbel escapade with Office mates @ Morales Subd. Marbel,South Cot.
(July 10, 2009)

Tambayayong Gensan Project Launching @ Banisil ES, GenSan
(July 20, 2009)

Proposal Writing Workshop @ Dolores Farm Resort, Polomolok South Cot.
( July 22,2009)

Badminton Session @ Big Shot GenSan
( July 23, 2009)

Turn-over of Textbooks & SRA Test @ Desawo ES, T'boli, South Cotabato
(July 25, 2009)

Forum on Health Diseases @ Maasim,Sarangani Province
(July 26, 2009)

Align CenterBowling Tournament @ Tokyok's Bowling Alley, GenSan
(July 31, 2009)

Yes, I'm keeping a DIARY. I'll link it here, SOON!

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