What must not be mentioned: The Barbarity of certain Images*

(a renga written during Tim Lantz's 2nd birthday)**

I saw her with a curve on her lips-
the kind of anonymity of pleasure
i felt once again

and there was a dove
as it flapped its wings
and drew closer to her

but she was writing something,
she never noticed the grace of the bird
as it stooped

she was busy and still
adoring the silence of words
and the elegance of each script

i knew she was dancing
with the pain
of melancholy

i was distant-
a window glass and five couples
between us

i walked away,
as if i knew what
she had written-

veering away
i tried to catch
another trip.

*from Louise Durpe's Liszt or Schumann

  • Aunt Bhing, - 2nd line
  • Aunt Shie, - 2nd stanza
  • Uncle Bobong - 1st line
  • Mom's Bestfriend (Aunt Mel), - persona
  • Damsel - stanza's 3-8, concept

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