Truth: Making myself believe that I'm a Humanitarian

Spending over blank data,uncertain figures and country music goddesses (Dixie Chicks) during the maddening hour of three AM, devoting herself to figure out THINGS all for one reason: extending help to (all) the malnourished elementary school children in General Santos City.

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2 endeavored to criticize:

GENE-use said...

REA GENE REMEGIO LIKES THIS. Thumbs-up van. And heads-up! Isn't that great? Ur helping the humanity! Im proud of you, really. U can do that :D

Damsel said...

Any moment mamatay nako rai. Not yet sleepy pero matulog nako. Wala pako nahuman assss in. :( unya na pud. mag early lng ko sa office :(

Thank you Rai!!! :)