When the bus finally arrived,
People swarmed like partying little flies
They chattered , more of a gibberish talk-
I swerved my glance through the sweet smelling
Flowers where I got a chance to witness
The beauty of symmetry butterflies showed off.

Oh those giant pine trees immeasurably tall
stood like little heaven’s giants
Concealing the wonders beneath them-
The fine texture of your hair trickled my palm
With a giggling experience
and the crust of your trunk shed tiny crumbs of
aged skin where you owe very much
of your little dwelling.

The exact flavor of the red fleshy strawberry I savored
made me to look at
my face in the mirror-
a sour and perfect distortion
of my parents masterpiece!
which I never would want
my eyes to gaze upon it again.

The Ifugao dancers with their tribal costumes
on and toothless smiles caught my attention-
I was never that happy when I tried
To sway my ass and performed the ifugao moves.
It seemed like it brought me into the terraces where manners of true
conduct were devoid-
but I did reap with a bahag.

Nevertheless, I love
The soothing cool breeze-
A surprisingly barreled fresh air
Were unjammed,
Totally different from the metro’s
Slaying smog.

Once again,
I shall return-
Return with my plastic bags ready
Ready to cup
an ideal air.

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1 endeavored to criticize:

gkae said...

dear best, i'm an amateur critic. i don't know how to comment, really. nonetheless, i'll do my best... here goes...
since im a filipino, i readily understood that the persona is talking about baguio... i have a question? what is the emotion the speaker is trying to convey? the speaker neither feels awed nor nostalgic...he/she is like looking back to his/her past experience, describing baguio through some of its cultures like the ifugao tribe...i like atmosphere though i'm a bit puzzled. what am I supposed to feel while reading this? (toinks. "salamat G noh, pagkamanhid na lng gyud nimo...")