The first time I did it was with Voe,
We were lying under the starless doomed sky
With champagne and a bottle of shared whiskey
It was cold
And we badly needed IT.
It was fun though it was our first Time,
After which, we sat beside the
We were hot,
As though a feeling was about to burst,
Yes,that was my first….
With Voe

The last time I did it was with Voe,
We were sitting under a tree with
A gram of marijuana
Rolled like a cigarette,
We were singing comely incantations
Dancing like gods of a tribe,
Laughing like there’s no tomorrow-
no one could ever hear us but only
The lonesome hearts of lifeless trees
and mountains

I first boarded a plane with Voe,
18 years old,yes
We were young back then,
Kids at heart as we usually say,
I never saw him without a curve on his lips-
We were talking about supreme things,
Journeying together,
Making our way to Athens
and sailing across the
Canals of Venice.
It was perfect
We were like the
kings of our own dreams

The only instance that I never did a thing with Voe was
When I discharged a bullet,
It was a Sunday.
I was with a friend,
I pointed the gun before his eyes
then shot him like a trapped bunny,
Yes, I did it without Voe,
But he was there with me
Accompanying me
Lying, resting on the sofa-
With a gush of blood coming out
From his head.
It was him.
It was Voe.

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2 endeavored to criticize:

gkae said...

why is it capitalized in the 5th stanza, best?


why did the persona kill voe? huhuhuhuhhu why, oh why?

hmmm...what if instead of saying "The first time i did it was with voe", you say,

my first time, i did it with voe
i did my first---with voe...

same with the "last time..."


Damsel said...

cge best... hehehe. UU, wala man drama pag walang tragedy :( hehe