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Smeared lipstick,
ginger and olive oil at the kitchen
gardening the soil
protecting her Sunday white dress not to be soiled

Goes inside, yelling-
playing with Lakers and Houston Rockets
Pushing buttons one-by-one
an array of events flashing:
peeling pakwan seeds
munching safari
grating banana as demonstrated by chef Tristan

Goes back outside-
watering the plants
trimming the leaves
clean and well done,
the smell of sweat from her armpit
is the flavor of the day,
wipes it with napkin

zooms in to the kitchen-
peeling banana,

her child thumb sucking,
bites her thumb
he cries in pain

Hurries inside the house
hears a clap of thunder
the barrage gets louder, louder and louder
her son shouts,

suddenly he stops, everything so serene-
the wind blows,
gives her son a piece of lollipop,
smiles, giggles-
“Thank you Mama”,
yum, yum

She pauses for a sip-
“It's hard to dig one's mind”
and smiles,
and licks her son's lollipop.

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