Afternoon Excercise

(lyric of episode)

The man is walking,
seriously thinking for a poem to write,
“What will be my subject,
It should be a thought of light”

he sits on a chair
The whole morning
“Ricky De Ungria is a great poet
who knows the thing”

he starts a word,
Pain is written,
he sends the thought in the air
Sharing to his countrymen.

“To the absence, to the absence,
To the limbo, to the sea
The idea is growing
Like the writer in me.”

The poem is sent to the teacher
He laughs at it and sighs
The last line, he reads
It is fake and full of lies.

“What kind of poetry is this
a perfect crap, a failed attempt?
Lines are awful,
Throw this piece, please?

“A single thought counts,
It is poetry, at some point;
An unfinished thought
That any moment sinks.”

He considered grading the poem,
And set aside his personal biases;
It is marked in red,
In accordance to his prejudices

It is his first time to encounter such poem
Lifeless, raw and terrible
They do not ring a sound
He shout in front of his table,-

“Why do I have to suffer checking this poem,
This is not worth my time”
“Grow, grow, and grow”
It doesn’t even have a rhyme.

“how many times do I have to lecture
About a bad poem and a good one,
do you know what your writing
my dear beloved son?”

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