Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad, 15php

@ Booksale Davao,
December 5,2008

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4 endeavored to criticize:

pixie said...

how do you do that? yesterday, i went to nbs. they're selling stuffs at 50. waah.i wanted to buy everything; but i didn't do that of course. i have a cabinet to read this summer. i am so unfortunate i can't even read this december. i miss you best!

Damsel said...

siyempre, patience is a virtue. Minimum time na ma spend ko sa pag scavenge ng books 1 hour, 3 hours pinakamatagal. Go, kaya lagi yan... :) Siguro naman may TIME ka na ngayong break para sa self mo noh?

pixie said...

kaya kong magstay sa bookshop until forever. yikes

time for myself? huhu. best, ang hirap maging superhero.. :-(

Damsel said...

asus best, kaya lagi yan...