Always beginning sadly
and leave
in the hearing distance of months
I'd wake and slipped away
because to move around
can go back ways

Always beginning anew,
hid them away
because i did not know
that shapes of letters
were enough
to stir anyone's

people deserting us will be missing-
if hardly to remit the face
that keeps every day's
obvious truth of privilege

Convince an ingenuous mathematical formula
for being normal
but of what voice seemed
to be the whirlwind
not remitting another two
and a worth of disinterest
presumed right
of everything

To cheat after all
force people
not only enough
but Enough

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3 endeavored to criticize:

Rai said...

i love this van.
i know dili ta level ug thinking and reading sa poems. hehe. medyo superficial ko at times.

pero ang first stanza man gud kay about leaving and all. hay. reminds me of something. u know na.

Damsel said...

thanks! I love this poem too... I once recalled an incident where, haha, nevermind... it was a bad move after all...

yeah, alam ko bakit...
cge lang gud rai, dili man tanang balas magunitan diba? :)

pixie said...

fragments sound so good. is this the new style you've been wanting to tell me?

ei best, now i know why i do not bother to edit my poems despite your constant request. i realized that most of them are unplanned abstractions. if i edit a word, the moment is displaced.