Renga with Poetikamo *woman*

Beaten, battered, bruised by fate..
dirt covered fate
lain still
in blasphemy

her sheer sufferings a moment to spare
as she stands flaunting, dancing in the light-
a woman who yearns for years,
her mime in the absence so dear

shattered is her fragile frame
yet strong is her soul
to be queen...
her heart's goal

and the lust in her spirits wished
to the heart of a blasphemous woman-
dancing still,
a bruised mime.

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4 endeavored to criticize:

Don Romantico said...

nice poem...but I didn't well understand why the word "Blashpheme"...isn't it too hard? and when the heart is strong, so becomes the will...and you'll be a queen...if not a queen, still a princess. :-)

Let destiny choose it's doom Damsel...remember? God has his own plans? If you try to ordain the destiny that's not decided by god, fate will prevent you... Read this theme on; title: Enlightened...and leave a comment...

I like the poem...sad but it's happy... Smile... :-)

Damsel said...

@ Don Romantico:

Poetikamo owns the first stanza ...
yeah i agree but i think it's okay to use the word for it contributes to the theme of the poem. you liked it? hahaha... coz it reminds you of your princess? hehehehe... sad but it's good... be happy Don Romantico... Smile. :)

Don Romantico said...

Poetikamo? What's that? I did like it. Not because it reminds me of my princess but of wrote it, and whenever I read it, I'll think of you. Thats why Damsel...and you too smile. :-)

Damsel said...

hahaha... the poet should be absent in every poem... :(