Dear God,

I sent you a red balloon today
a wish on your birthday
hope everything's okay
in the absence of gray

I'm sorry I lied
like a groom to her bride
chasing colorful butterflies
tasting honeys and eggpies

I know you've been very sad
things went wrong, few were mad
but worry no more dear God
we'll be good and so you'll nod

fly red balloon fly
reach the heavens and kiss the sky
journey up, try and try
'til the oceans run dry

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7 endeavored to criticize:

Anonymous said...

Read dear God and its lovely...can actually see the balloons floating up...I could visualise each word

pixie said...

dear best,
i am too weary to write. i got hit by a volleyball today; for a while, i couldn't breathe.

dear god,
dear god.

Damsel said...

Dear God,
Please send your little angels tonight and command them to hug and kiss my best friend.


rai said...

i remember my bday, its coming up yeah.

hmm. have u been bad these days van? hehe. no, i dont think so. :)

Damsel said...

rai, don't worry i'l give you an angel and a St. on your birthday, metaphorically speaking. hehe. :)

abraham said...

its lovely.. super.. van your such a good poet..

Damsel said...

@ Abraham

Thank You. Thank You. Bow

I'm not a poet,
i just like writing poems. :)