Starry Night

To Vince

You sit there in your solitude
away from daily confrontations
of politics and life's drama
in the distance,
a 3 hour ride
away from your sister

The clock whispers immortality
each of which journeying
grasses,flowers, trees
and mountains possessing
all of you

none of the designs of your posts
and lintels ever tarnish
they live with the dead
and remembered always
during All Saint's Day

you paint sadness in the corners
of your room
they glow
shining like diamonds
in a lonely
death-colored sky

rugged scribblings of your thoughts
empty my mind
thinking more and more
of poker,
of books
of people and togetherness

Your shy voice
I long to hear
they whisper immortality
like time scouring Nature
dwelling somewhere
in your starry night


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7 endeavored to criticize:

Bo Seok Kim said...

Thanks to read it!
althoug I could not understand all mean,I try to read every day until I understand it.

Damsel said...

to Bo Seok Kim
Thanks. Keep reading and Don't give up. :)


pixie said...

I thought you were referring to Van Gogh here not until you told me what this is about..

Damsel said...

i wrote this poem for a friend. :)

Abraham said...

i can visualize it van.. vince maybe so proud of you.. hehe

you are so good..

Damsel said...

@ Abraham

with sunflowers and irises...

mark redolf said...

very nice..

soulfull... reminds me of departed loved ones.