Lemon & Barbecue Sticks

i had the flavor tasted

it was yesterday


and the near future

it was the blue moon

you told me

it was you and me:

it was lemon

and barbecue sticks

Photo by Damsel

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9 endeavored to criticize:

pixie said...

lemon and barbecue sticks?

Damsel said... equal to Abstraction, LOVE?

Cynthia said...

~ honest and sensual

Anonymous said...

luv the way u express how yummy are BBQ's with a lemon sauce...

Anonymous said...

its just lyk u & ur partner...
canlt live without the precns of 8s other...

Damsel said...

To Anonymous 1 (2:50:00)

it's the flavor of pain and suffering. tasty, right?

Damsel said...

To Anonymous 2 (3:18:00)

How did you know? *laughs*

rai said...

wait. u know naman im so slow pag-abot sa mga ani. :)

van said...

it's okay rai. dba sabi ko nga, DECIPHER ME! hahaha