I knew she was a lesbian when I was ten
we were playing "balay-balay"
it was raining that time
but I begged her to stay, to play

I made the "balay-balay"
it was more of a miniature bedroom than a house,
there were pillows, junk foods,
and a borrowed lampshade

we were together inside
laughing, conversing as if all I heard
were jokes, lies
and broken promises

it was a fair game
the earth was freshly bathed
when she left

it was radiant outside
but i never thought
that a "balay-balay"
could be played without a father
that a girl
and a woman
could also dwell inside such
a virile structure.

Balay-balay: a Visayan term for a game where children make use of
bedsheets, pillows, cartons to build a house

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11 endeavored to criticize:

pixie said...

writing influenced by adrianne rich?

Damsel said...


Abraham said...

cn.o ning agi na gina.describe mo hw? hmm... i like it.. galing mo talaga..

Stan said...

I would love to know more about that young lady.. :)


Nice poem though..

Anonymous said...

Happy like an old Chinese saying goes, called "upset, laugh, it has been all right." Oh, you have to do.

Damsel said...

@ Abraham

ti sin-o pa gali?

@ Stan

She's waiting at your doorstep. LoL

@ Anonymous
thanx Chen, teach me how to speak Chinese, please?

Anonymous said...

hmm...was this girl also a sort of mother figure? ancient greek mythology has a strong influence of this sort of mixture. intended or not, the symbolism is interesting.

Damsel said...

@ Anonymous

mother figure? perhaps. I never thought of the ANcient Greek myth... hehe, Thnks though!

Rau said...

i like this :)
u knew why.

Rai said...


Damsel said...

yeah,right.:) we'll watch a movie when I get back. I miss you a lot. :) hope everything's well there.