Bruno the Brown Fox and Rooky the Rooster (Recontextualized)

          Once upon a time, in a faraway farm there lived a fine and noble Rooster with a very beautiful voice. Its name was Rooky. Not only was it blessed with a gifted voice, it was a wise Rooster that comforted his troubled friends through singing advices to them. It was so that the animals in that farm lived in peace and harmony for many years.

            One fine early morning, Rooky awoke ahead of the rest of the farm animals. It was such a glorious morning that Rooky could not help but ring out its most beautiful song to the world. Unfortunately, the gentle morning breeze brought this beautiful song through the nearby forest and into my den. Naturally, I was awakened, not only by the song but by the rumblings of my empty stomach.

            Slowly, I followed the song through the forest and to the farm. There I saw the most delicious Rooster, singing to its heart’s content.

            A fine meal that I would make, I thought, as I smacked my lips in eagerness.

            Slyly, I approached Rooky. “Good morning, my friend! I was awakened by such beautiful song that I had to come out of the forest to see where this wonderful music come from! Perhaps you can come down from your perch so that I might thank you properly?” I gently cajoled.

            Rooky smiled. “Oh, Mr. Fox, roosters and foxes have never been friends. I don’t think it would be wise for me to come down from my perch so you can thank me,” replied Rooky politely.

            After a bit of silence, I tried another ploy to get Rooky down. “Oh, by the way, did you hear the good news among the forest animals?”

            “What news is that, Mr. Fox?” asked Rooky.

            “I’ll tell you all about if you come down from your perch,” I grinned.

            Not wanting to seem impolite, Rooky simply smiled at me and continued singing… when abruptly, Rooky stopped singing. It squinted its eyes as if it was trying to see something at a far distance.

“What is it?”I asked.

“There, not too far away, are…are wolves, I think… coming towards the barn,” Rooky replied.

I knew that there were really no approaching wolves.

“Oh,” I said hurriedly.”I think I should go. We’ll talk next time.”

“But why must you hurry?” inquired Rooky. “I was just about to come down from my perch to hear your good news!”

But before I could even finish my sentence, I disappeared not knowing that I was just behind an old mango tree, ten meters away from Rooky.  So Rooky descended from its perch and began singing again. As confident as it was, Rooky made his way toward the other flock of birds .

Rooky thought that I was frightened because of the wolves. He never knew that my hunger was the main reason why I stayed. I heard Rooky flapped its wings and so I peeked from where i was hidden and there I saw Rooky walking his way towards the other birds.

I ran as fast as I could and because Rooky was joyfully singing that time it didn’t hear me ran. I jumped over Rooky and just like any hungry mammal I attacked Rooky at its body. There was no any help coming from the other roosters since they fled because of our encounter. Rooky was terribly wounded but I didn’t feel pity for him. I slowly gnawed its meat. I felt that time that I had the tastiest meal I ever had in my entire life. 

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