Rumba (revised)

Every night I do the rumba
my hands
feeling, caressing the flesh-
gratifying experience
to my

I scratch my hands
unto my naked flesh
inch by inch by inch
I thrust,
I drag myself-
a heavy walking step

Stepping with my toe first
a box step,
side break
and underarm turn

I swing my hips
and subtly

Quick, quick
quick, quick

I love to do it in the shadow
with the faintest glow

two, three, four
and one
two, three, four
and one

Dancing the rumba with my hands,
my hips and my feet—
as I raise
and glide them on the floor,

gratifying especially
when alone


Poem by Vanessa Mae Sumagaysay Almeria
Performance by Arvi Karisse Regalado

during the 3rd Sinews of Syllables
( a Thesis presentation of Creative Writing Majors of UP minanao)

@ the University of the Philippines Mindanao
(College of Humanities & Social Sciences- AVR)
March 17, 2009

Photos taken by:
John Bengan & Yas Espejo (from Arvi's Friendster Acc)

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8 endeavored to criticize:

Nikkiboy said...


Damsel said...

Nikkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! nagkalat ka sa akong blog, :( maayo nalang dili masabtan sa uban na readers. huhu, ikaw dyud ankol!

Rea said...

*clap clap clap*

arvi and van. haven't watched this but i know u did a great job!

weehh :D

Damsel said...

yeah rai, i never thought na ganun "kahalay" si Arv. But nonetheless, she did well :) as in... di gud makapaniwala si Mike Tan. hahahaha. Sayang, di ka nakapunta :( LAST FULL SHOW NATO SA AMONG BATCH, hehehehe.

Beauxy said...

si Arvi jud ni? as in si A-R-V-I? hehe... Sayang wa ko kita dah!

Damsel said...

yeah ate, as in ARVI KARISSE REGALADO... sayang you missed her performance. i-ask nako siya na mag perform sa Litorgy te... hehe, watchathink?

Beauxy said...

hahaha gogogo... as far as i can tell, it serves the event's title. too bad though she's dancing alone, it's an orgy er- litorgy and it takes two to rumba so the more the merrier.. haha... but i'll settle with just arvi on stage.. haha..

-BA- said...

You've managed in your gifted way to turn the barely sensual rumba into the erotica of a lambada. Bravo! Too bad her costume didn't match the verse.