Risa and the Rice Monster

My best boardmate ever, Arvi Karisse Regalado was supposed to submit this story to my CW 150 teacher BUT unfortunately she refused to accept it due to the reason that this story is already one week late. I finished writing this story at around 2:30 am (March 24, 2009). Depressing but atleast I tried. :( I'm just praying that I won't fail the subject :(. By the way, this is an attempt to write a story for children. Hope you enjoy!
                One Sunday morning, Aling Pacita, Risa’s mother was busy preparing foods for their breakfast. Aling Pacita called out Risa’s attention to eat but Risa did not reply. So Aling Pacita went directly to Risa’s room but Risa was not there. There was a note posted at the mirror of Risa’s closet saying, “I don’t like to eat rice Ma, noodles and egg will do… OUTSIDE, playing…”. Aling Pacita was disappointed. After a moment, she heard the voice of her daughter saying, “I caught you Noel… save! ”. Risa’s mother went outside of the house to call her daughter “Risa let’s eat, the breakfast is ready, what else are you doing there?”
            There was a glass of mango juice, one cup of rice,pinakbet, noodles and egg. She was asked to eat all the foods her mother had served her. Aling Pacita needed to go to a friend’s house for an important errand. Risa was left at home, “Risa, I’ll be back after 15 minutes, I need to go to a friend for an important matter, be sure to finish your breakfast when I get back.”
            Risa didn’t reply but instead, she just raised her eyebrows and snickered.
            Risa bought her favorite junk food after her mother had left. She kept it inside her pocket so that Aling Pacita would not notice incase she immediately returned. Risa reached the dining table. She saw the foods her mother had served. She didn’t want to eat when she saw a cup of rice on the plate. She went back to her playmates to share the food she bought and they continued to play.
            After her mother had boarded a tricycle, she was forced to eat her breakfast. She slowly chewed the food and drank water .When she felt she had eaten a lot, she threw the remaining rice on the sink. She didn’t want to eat anymore. She wanted to be with her playmates to play again. But she saw that it was very hot outside so she just decided to take a nap. When she closed her eyes, she heard a shout and a bang. She smelled something like that of a burnt rice from the kitchen. She went directly to the kitchen to check what happened. She saw a lot of rice grains scattered on the floor. Risa was shocked. She looked for the soft broom and decided to clean the mess on the floor before her mother got home. When she finally saw the soft broom, a giant rice monster blocked her way.
            Risa was very afraid and she didn’t know what to do. The rice monster didn’t had a pair of eyes, what it only had was a long tongue covered with rice grains. It smelled of burnt rice.  The rice monster was very hungry that it started to chase Risa inside the kitchen. Risa ran away from the rice monster and screamed,“The rice monster is here. Help, help… Somebody please help me. ”
            The rice monster kept on chasing Risa but the more it chased Risa the more that the rice grains let loose from its body. So what Risa did was she let the rice monster chase her until they reached the backyard and suddenly the rice monster stumbled on a puddle of mud. It had stucked there. During that time, Aling Pacita’s chickens were very hungry. They swarmed towards the direction of the rice monster on a puddle of mud and enthusiastically ate the rice grains.  They had become full. The rice monster disappeared.
            Risa learnt that she should not waste any single grain of rice after that incident. She had become more particular in eating. She was always reminded of the rice monster every time her mother called her to eat. Risa had become an honest and obedient daughter. She stopped buying junkfoods and started eating more rice, without throwing a grain of it.

I would like to thank Ate Beauxy for helping me with the story's concept :)

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