For P and Pixie

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To Mr. Pratik Rimal, for being one of my personal editors. You’re one of the best male friends I have ever met. I love everything about you. I am always privileged every time you include me in your poetry and essay. We may be far from each other but the language we both speak would never break us apart. I’ll make sure we’ll climb Mount Everest together, with hands interlaced. 

There you go P! hehehe. Mr. Superman? :P

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To my one and only best friend Georgianna Kae Oguiswho never gets tired of reading my poems and my self-indulgent writings. I will always be your no. 1 critic. Thank you for the happiness and pain that we experienced together. I am now the kind of woman you wanted me to be. I will continue to write until my pen will stop bleeding. May we continue to be best friends, write more poetry, and live together, forever.

P.S Damsel loves P and Pixie


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5 endeavored to criticize:

Pratik Rimal said...

Thank you V. Nah. I'm not superman...just a simple guy. :-) and is that pixie down there? :-) good good.

Yeap. and I wish you guys be best friends forever too because both love one other. You may find a new boyfriend, but you will never find a best friend again...and moving on means tough. . :-)

Damsel said...

simple guy? hehehe, okay P... yeah, with Pixie P. how's that? hehe. Thanks for your concern P, best friends forever and ever, sure...

Pratik Rimal said...

yeah. simple guy. you doubt that? I'm gonna kill you if you do. then i'll be murder guy. :-p Why are you thanking me? :-s good for you guys.

Damsel said...


Pratik said...

yeah. my pleasure. :-p haha...stop always cry...and i have two blogs, and you've got only one of my blogs. and what about the other? :-s