Thesis Acknowedgments


To myself, finally, you had grown and come to understand the language of images and words freed the scarred woman in you and became the strongest woman warrior one could ever be. Congrats, Poet!

To my parents, Mam, Pap & Mommy (who has been taking care of me for 20 years) thanks for the trust & love. I am still your most loving and pretty daughter who always cries when she gives you a card during special occasions.

To my siblings Gigi, Ejay and Tim Monching, Thanks for pestering me when I’m doing my school works, most especially my Thesis. To sissy, you are such a wonder woman, I look up to your strength as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend and most especially as a single Mom. Thanks for influencing me sissy, you’re such a character!

To Mr. Timothy Lantz, always remember that some Filipinas are hard-to-get. May you have a good and fruitful life with your new-found wife. Promise, I won’t throw away the European coins that you gave me.

To Mr. Omar-Richardson Sutherland, I have not read all the latest books that you sent me. You will always be my one and only virtual Kuya who always encourages me to continue writing. I hope my poetry will reach you there in Texas and whisper to your ears that someone here in the Philippines always remembers you. Your kindness means a lot to me.

To Mr. Pratik Rimal, for being one of my personal editors. You’re one of the best male friends I have ever met. I love everything about you. I am always privileged every time you include me in your poetry and essay. We may be far from each other but the language we both speak would never break us apart. I’ll make sure, we’ll climb Mount Everest together, with hands interlaced.  

To Burgos Family, for the help that you’ve been sharing to our family, most especially to Lolo Ben who supported me partly with my college education. The summer I had at UP Diliman was totally great and the laptop that you gave me really helped me in my writing life and my survival in the course.

To Oguis Family for adopting me during weekends. Thanks for becoming my second family. We are not related in blood but still you consider me as one of your children. If not because of you, I won’t be able to write the first paragraph for my preface. I owe you a lot Tito and Tita.

To Arvi Karisse Regalado . You will always be my best board mate and that’s un negotiable. Thanks for your willingness and your patience when I ask you to write and edit my works. Thanks for dancing my poem, Rumba, you really were masturbatory. 

To the Bilibid Girls Rea Gene “Santong Kabayo” Remegio ,April Mae “Bagong Salta” Domingo, Andre Karen “Warden” Dela Cerna, Joice Maricar “Boy Cobra” Buyco and Hanna Louise “Attorney” Raquedan thanks for the friendship and the night-outs, secrets and the unforgettable GenSan-slash-hometown adventures. Hail to all Generals!

To my batch mates Airo, Agnes, Allen, Arv, Clyde, Jef, Josh, Joy, Kaeos, Kiara, Klang, Krisza, Loloi, Lyda, Marius, Mel, Mershi, Mike, Milovy, Nikki, Rij, Rr, Sel, our Lawiswis moments, Baktas moments and our Theatre productions will always be remembered. I’m sure that if not now, we could still give justice to those whose works we never have read. With humble hearts, we bow to our literary giants.

To Prof. Antonino de Veyra, Prof. Araceli Dans Lee, Prof. Genevieve Jorolan-Quintero, Ms. Jean Claire Dy, Prof. Jhoanna Lynn Cruz-Daliling, Mr. John Bengan, Prof. Ricardo de Ungria and Prof. Timothy Montes, thanks for inspiring me to write. I will take note of the helpful criticisms that you taught me. I’ve learned a lot in the course. Indeed, BA English made me a better person!           

To my best buddies-slash- wild women –slash-in-denial feminists, Lyda, Josh, Joy and Krisza. For the secrets, rants, and personal impediments we cried over bottles of wine and bags of chips. Thanks for the afternoon-siopao-sessions, for the laughter and sarcasms and for being there when I needed a company. Cheers, women!

To my adviser, Prof. Jhoanna Lynn “Goddess” Cruz for being so patient in editing my thesis. You’ve been a great adviser even before we first met (Playwriting class). Thanks for your professionalism and dedication in teaching and most especially in writing. You have become my inspiration in my musings. I won’t forget what you once told me, “stand for the integrity of your work”. I will surely miss you, dear Penelope.

To all the men who were once became a part of my life, thank you for having me.

To my one and only best friend Georgianna Kae Oguis, who never gets tired of reading my poems and my self-indulged writings. I will always be your no. one critic. Thank you for the happiness and pain that we experienced together. I am now the kind of woman who you wanted me to be. I will continue to write until my pen will stop bleeding. May we continue to be best friends, write more poetry and live together, forever.

To my Apollo and my Aphrodite thanks for possessing me during those nights when I called out your names in the enveloping absence. Thank you for heeding my cries and letting my pen bleed up until the break of dawn. The two of you never failed me. Promise, I’ll soon meet you in Mt. Olympus and let’s perform Bacchanalia.

And To Lord God for giving me this skill in writing, now I’m capable to write and impart what I’ve learned. I hope I didn’t fail you, I am freer now and had become a fearless and stronger woman. 

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6 endeavored to criticize:

Rea said...

mugraduate napud ka ui!!! weeehhh.
together we'll sing tag-ulan!

yahoo. congrats!

Damsel said...

wahahaha. :( ngek, rai uie... kabalo na baya ka db? tsk.tsk... CONGRATS, proud kaayo ko kay na room mate taka! weee :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks. This was very sweet of you. By the way, I think I found that one poem you wanted me to read, so be warned, next time I see you online I *will* ask you about it...and hurry up and read those books...hahaha...

Damsel said...

Kuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sure, sure... hehehehehe :) I'll read all of them this summer kuya, promise... hmmm :) Take care always! miss yah

Pratik Rimal said...

Congratulation for completing the thesis. Thanks for mentioning my name...although I know I didn't do're a very special girl damsel. And I don't know what I've done, but you're my very special girl friend as well. Take care. I'll see you online today...just stay online. :-)

Damsel said...

Thank you so much P. you're very special too- you're my very special boy friend. haha, I'm always here for you. Damsel hugs then kisses Don Romantico. :)