Better Late than Never (Happy 1st bday scarletpoetionsdotblogspotdotcom)

Last March 31, 2009 was my blog's ( 1st birthday but unfortunately I was not able to celebrate its birthday on that date. It was a month long preparation. However, the celebration was barred due to some unforeseen "events" ( Thesis, my very unbecoming "emo" moves and super active social life). It was only yesterday that I was reminded of my blog's first birthday and so here I am writing an entry about it. I planned to repost the 1st poem I wrote in this blog. I promised myself that the first poem deserves to have a revision. Luckily, it was not a long poem, hehehehe, less work. 

This blog is my virtual bestfriend who doesn't know how to react but just listen to everything I wanted to say, hehehe. I love this blog as much I love myself.  Since I don't have the access to give my blog a personal domain, i'l stay with blogspot first hanggang makahanap ako ng sponsors. The least thing I can do with it is to fix the lay-out

1st Template by 

(it was a pink template, hehe, so gay)

 2nd Template

3rd Template
4th Template
5th Template
Final Template

 and post more  "helpful and useful entries", hehe.

Once again, Happy  1st birthday to, I love you so much! 

Here's the poem:

Original Post:

The Secret
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Covered faces with darkened souls,
seeing gallery of faces at the podium
time's running- counting 3,2,1
green's waving-
a blotted color of red unveiled.

 Revised Version:

Poker Face-
the pulse of the clock
tick, tock,
crossroad mocks 
bloodshot eyes.

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Pratik Rimal said...

congratulations V

Damsel said...

thanks P! :) you're the best...

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.