What does it take to find a lost Love? (P, you should watch this movie)

we breathe the same air
my distant star

we have known the story
of Romeo and Juliet
of fairy tales and kisses

crossing the borderlines
of impossibilities for

(now, I run
to reach the
edge of the earth)

there we are-

Who hath seen thee?
Nor hath I felt thy skin,

What do I say,
With you by my side,
I reckon not the distance.


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9 endeavored to criticize:

eyes_8miles said...

hahahahahahahahaaha...very funny V...someone used thee and thy? :-p

Damsel said...

hahahaha. whatever P...
hey, i want to recommend that movie
it won 7 awards in Oscars, :)
i already watched city of God, nice movie.
Exotiiiiiiiic. hehe

eyes_8miles said...

I'll watch sometime...I hardly watch a movie...City of God, I watched that movie finally...yeah...nice film...

Damsel said...

yeah P, i like the character of the photojournalist and Carrot's as well... hehehehe
P, what does it take to find a lost love? :D

eyes_8miles said...

yuck...i didn't much like the movie...i watched it yesterday...there's nothing in it that could give the film 8 awards in the oscar...anyways...

to find my lost love? destiny...because in it, there's everything...luck, money and other things...and if she's destined to be mine, she'll be mine...

Guest said...

yuck P shame on you! :P i like Ringa (one of slumdog's Official Soundtrack)

whaaaaaaaaaaaat? There's nothing in the film that could give it 8 awards in the oscar???????????? do you know the elements of a story, huh P? :D

pixie said...

both of you! you're so funny! LOL!

i love latika's theme song.. so sad.. :-(

Damsel said...


Damsel said...

I agree! I agree!

to find my lost love? destiny...

hahahahahaha :)