Must Turn Left

paved road
white and black

I must return
before darkness
takes over

i will travel
to the other road

(with less physical chaos
but crammed with
emotional dilemmas)

photo taken along the street of San Pedro, Davao City
November 22, 2007


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3 endeavored to criticize:

Pratik Rimal said...

It's a nice poem :-) ....surprise? someone's here :-) I liked the pic specially. i do hope there was no photoshop involved :-)

Pratik Rimal said...

it's good that there's no blog roll of mine...........................thought i've gone, didn't you??

Damsel said...

It's good to see you again here in my blog P! thanks for the compliment, haha. i enhanced the photo using an online image editor, :P hehe...
sorry, I deleted my blog roll. don't worry i still visit your blog *once in a while*. Take Care Sir! hahaha