I am a visual reverberation-

rowing away like a boat

in a distant pattern

of circles-

when the water is still

I sleep

then wait again

for someone to tap the surface

so I could leave the dock

to sail

for another catch.

Photo taken at Hagimit Falls last June 5, 2009


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6 endeavored to criticize:

Milen Ski said...

Hey,thats Milan here!!Its really good to visit that website,and I found some great Talent here!!Keep the good work,and keep going.Heh

eazy said...

WOW! I am amazed at your literary skills. Especially since english is not your first language. I can't even come close and english is my first language.Great job!

Gerry Boyd said...

No endeavor to criticize, only to praise. Nicely wrought. Bravo!

Dibyendra Hyoju (दिब्येन्द्र ह्योजु) said...

It's so nice poem! Loved it! ~Dib

Damsel said...

@ Milen: I am just a nobody Mil! I offer these poems to the PUBLIC, open for criticism and subject to denunciation.

@ Z: I'll pursue writing in English even though the task is demanding.

@ Gerry Boyd: Thanks for dropping by!

@ Dib: I would love to receive "criticisms" from you, Dib!

Anonymous said...

Your is almost always more beautiful than the next.