it is the symbiosis of the sea and the shore that I love

not the divergence of their character
not the sadness of the heaving waves
not even the song that they cry

not the footprints that mark the shore
for they know no persistence to endure

not the brawn of the bellowing winds
that knows how to bend a tree

not the sand dunes,
not the melancholy starfishes
(not those invisible tears)
that dwell along the shore
not even their vibrant colors,
none of their kind

not the promises
or marriage vows that lovers cast
not their underhanded oaths
sworn to the wind
and to the other gods in between

but it is the relentless longing
of the ocean waves
curling over
and falling
as they reach
the cold
and embracing shore.

Photo taken at Fernandez Beach Resort last June 5, 2009


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2 endeavored to criticize:

scott said...

loving the Synergy, great words from a great poet

jeff said...

so far, van, this is the first poem i like from you. ;-)

write longer lines with less abstracts & more images like this one. :-)