The Smell of Jasmine

Dear X,

twice this time,
the smell of jasmine perfumed the air last night

i wonder how it was able to envelope our bodies
like a sheath
or a shroud perhaps
that shield us against the cold
it was the smell of our bodies
and the fullness of things against me
that made me shiver before the flame flickered

it Was our conscience that chided us
away from the very fruit of IT
exploring around the corner,
sucking the very core
along the edges of heaven that sang
and brought us to the holy
sanctuary of sin

if it wasn't because of the smell of jasmine
i would have thought of it as an act of acknowledgement
where every gesture was but an earmarked salutation
and your eyes were
only cronies of the gods
witnessing every bit of me
like a tamed lioness

but it was not an Ordinary gesture
as it was an aphrodisiac-
the sweet arousing smell of jasmine
the petals,
the stem and the bud
smelled a kiss of Sin-
a consuming purpose

as i'm trying
to forget the smell
i'm also Vindicating
the sensation
of what was once
a bitter taste
of The Past.

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