April 21 “Still not in the mood to text”

I have been to Baguio last Saturday,

I didn’t inform you because it aches me even more knowing that you can’t be with me-

It’s so frustrating.

Everytime I go to different places I always wish that we journey together,

Even if it hurts, I still let my feet touch the earth, alone- believing that one day we will travel and visit different places together even if they are considered as the unreachable parts of the globe.

You know what, I have been traveling for almost

3 years, just by myself.

Often times, I meet strangers and wonder if they could come to journey with me but the thought slips thru my head as I think of the possibility that someday, we will journey with our hands interlaced,

Timeless travels and boundless places to visit.

I would love to travel with you-

So much.

Now I’m thinking of another possibility,

What if the clock stops ticking,

I can’t chase the time anymore-

My life gets boundaries of its own,

Do you think it’s still “possible” for you

To be able to experience the journey we long to have or


the better way to put things would be this,

You may journey with the strangers I have met,

Their faces as numb as their frozen hands will remind you of a stranger who once wanted to have a companion to journey with her,

The only comrade she wanted to have.

Now, if you get to talk with the strangers,

Don’t ever forget to glance-once in awhile

Up the doomed blanket of heaven,

There you can see me shining-

Our dreams I have raised



as the beat

of our hearts join.


I still have my shirt hanging on the clothesline for almost 3 months, you know what to do already.


This epistolary is made for the person whom i consider as one of my "best" treasures. I don't miss you, statement: I'm a liar! hahaha

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