Before Sunset

The sun was almost


When I stepped out

of the vehicle,
I was surrounded by people whom

at some point

I have met


There were mothers,

Couples and a group

Of teenagers

with motorbikes-

puffing tangy

vapors that

quickly disperse

before our very eyes,

I tried to chase the remaining vapors, expecting

To catch a



But it is as fast as a blink of an eye,

The last thing I knew was

The pulverized filter

already reclined


the muddy ground.

I picked it up feeling like an innocent child-

Ready to know everything

Even the most dirtiest color of the earth…

Now, I am 15 and I still wear sweaters and a traded trench coats-

ready to fit inside

their sheaths and

by their

Dry and adventurous souls-

Ready to be pierced

By the chill I first experienced when I stepped out of the vehicle.

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