Mr. Nemo is Emo

Disclaimer: This poem is unintentionally made-a perfect example of rubbish, so to speak. Nothing is literary. I made this just for HIM, for Mr. Nemo. His insanity keeps me alive... haha

Mr. Nemo how long have you been chasing me?
"A Decade", said Mr. Nemo,

Aren't you tired?
"Penelope would be angry", said Mr. Nemo,

Do you love her Mr. Nemo?
"Very much my dear", said Mr. Nemo,

Why not court her Mr. Nemo?
"Another decade can wait", said Mr. Nemo,

but Why not now?
"I said, I can wait", said Mr. Nemo,

Mr. Nemo?
"The tiger has been monitoring me, said Mr. Nemo,

"Her jealous Tiger", said Mr. Nemo,

Better conquer his den
before he strikes his
first arrow to you Mr. Nemo,
I would rather die with thoughts of
her than to die fighting-
nothing to gain.
I would rather stand here at the top
of the borderline
than to cross the desert with no thoughts
of her to quench my thirst,
I would rather have my heart broken
than to see her unhappy with me,
I would rather kneel in front
of her than to see
her marrying with Him.

Mr. Nemo?
"I maybe the most Emotional man in the whole but...",
said Mr. Nemo.

to love me means a lot of sacrifice," said she.

"Mr. Nemo?", said she.

"Yes?", replied Mr. Nemo.


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4 endeavored to criticize:

gkae said...

best! What?!? di ko gets. ever. :-(

Damsel said...

haha. di mo ma gets? aoky lang best. ang guy kasi, ang like niya na cartoon charcter is si nemo then ginawan ko siya ng something. hehehe. tapos yun. fiction mana, dili diay poetry. basta naa koy situation ana sa akong gihimo. nakatawa gani xa. gusto niya magkatuluyan ang gurl ug xa. hahaha

gkae said...

oh. kinsa na xa? dili nako getz.. :-(

Damsel said...

samok best. hahaha. ayaw nalang sabta, hahaha. hai naku, ikaw na gyud. hmpf!