A Discourse: The Pen & the Stethoscope

The pen says, can you write and tell stories like what I do?
The stethoscope says, can you hear heartbeats and detect illnesses like what I perform?

well, I am a pen
and I feel more superior than you are
I can write and articulate ideas,
I can draw or sketch a thing, an object-
I am the medium of art
I can dance and trip,
Art is my master.
I run out of words when at times I am empty,
when blood doesn’t feed me anymore
I draw abstraction,
I create illusions-
I ink happiness and feelings
how about you, you timid object?

well, I am a stethoscope
and I feel a lot more superior than you assume
I can detect illnesses depending on
one’s heartbeat,
I can hear the sweetest music ever heard,
I am the product of higher form of thinking-
science is my master
and to understand life fully
you need science just as how you need Art
we can explain everything,
the body’s physical disposition and suffering
can be aided through science,
is that all my friend,? the pen asks,
how could science explain religion,
let’s assume that you could answer everything,
how could science explain abstraction
how could science tell the story of its Art
without referring to Art itself?

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