Shattered Innocence *edited

We were in a room on a midday

he was sitting on a white chair,

I stood behind him

and we witnessed the crisp leaves fell from an old mango tree outside

the wind gently caressed our bodies,

it was like watching the wailing waves on the sea

as the sea breeze kissed the shore

he lifted his right arm(which had more strength than the other)

pulled my hands to his chest,

my fingers were trembling with fears

as though they were stems of a wilted rose

i tried to undo his grip-

he was strong

i could feel his warm breath right before my horrified face-

it was engulfing, devouring, hungry

he pushed me on the white blank wall,

pushed me, pushed me, pushed me once more

until he reached his anticipated ecstasy

I was trapped by my own self

shivering in the cold

like a broken piece of glass battered on the floor

I gathered myself -

he left none of himself

(only his haunting shadows on the white blank wall)

his breath echoed off the wall

together with my silent tears,

a crimson dot spotted the floor

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