The Lat Full Show

Inside the ship’s cabin
two souls, two bodies-
her thighs are white,
his scarlet tongue runs on the surface of her skin
first ,from the neck down to her loins,
the pair of his two exciting hands
explores her helpless body,
an Apollo of some sort
and a penetrating Venus
they breathe for a while
and sip pure juices from the nectar-
her full breasts
lean before him,
strong and relentless.
The two gasp like tired white horses in the field
their eyes that seemed like they spent hours of star gazing
are now asleep-
the blanket,
ruined like a tornado in the sea,
the ship calls for departure
but these two happy souls
find their pleasure in deep slumber
as they perform the rituals
of the gods and goddesses under
the charm of Bacchus.

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