To the child or whoever you are

go away child,

i don't want you to come near me,

you don't own my flesh,

you don't share my fate

i play with the boys during the night and you,

together with your playmates in the day

i attend parties as an escort,

sleep with them in luxurious hotels

and once played tong-its behind the bars

i don't want you to come near me,

and flash that angelic smile

your sweet gestures-

the lollipop you offered me,

paper dolls you gave me

i hate them all,

you don't deserve my pity-

i share none of myself to you

don't say "mama, i wanna pee",

don't cry "mama, mama help me",

"you don't like to sleep with the rats, don't you?"

or play with tattered dolls?"

so don't come near me,

please go away and leave

i don't need an angel, really-

For dear child,

you know nothing about me.

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