I was at my solace one afternoon
Free from physical burden and distress
But the sun is blazing with scorching heat
that I could feel the cold sweat on my neck

I was wearing a tangerine T-Shirt
which Mom gave me as a birthday present-
a neon colored shirt resembling dusk
cooler than mid day’s streaks of brilliant sun-

Sun stood proudly in heaven-(before you)
Muted in the silence of the azure,
Silence in its own way but arresting-
A penetration we have to endure
the sun had its own color of vengeance
when heat felt like a living fire from hell,
its ravaging claws climbed up through mountains,
its angry eye could pierce you with radiance,

It stabs you with pain and stirs in delight,
And yield the imprisonment of darkness,
its monstrous warmth could blanket you with sweat
simply penetrating ,modest, arrest.

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