2009 Davao Writers Workshop

May 4, 2008: (Day 1)

Bacolod City: 9:30- 10:10 am
Cebu City: 10:30 am
Gaisano Mall Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu 10:30- 1:30 pm
Mactan Inernational Airport: 1:30-2:30 pm
Davao City International Airport 3:30 pm
General Santos City 7:00pm

(l-r Panelists Macario Tiu, Don Pagusara, Marjorie Evasco and Jhoanna Lynn Cruz; Damsel and the guitar; Damsel, Jhoanna Lynn Cruz and Allen; A walk with Ma'am Marj: Aaron, Ma'am Marj, G, Damsel and Allen) 

May 5, 2009: (Day 2) 

Lecturer: Don Pagusara

Plenary Session 4: Merese, Poetry in Cebuano
Plenary Session 5: Sudoku with Love, Essay in English
Plenary Session 6: Mga Dahong Laya, Poetry in Cebuano
Plenary Session 7: Bars, Poetry in English
Plenary Session 8: The Wait, Short Story in English

May 6, 2009: (Day 3)

Lecturer: Macario Tiu

Plenary Session 9: Ang Tsismosang si Tiya Piling, Poetry in Filipino
Plenary Session 10: The Next Best Thing, Short Story in English
Plenary Session 11: To Cherish Forever, Essay in English
Plenary Session 12: Space Convenience, Poetry in English

(l-r: Damsel @ Ponce Suites; Panelists Macario Tiu and Marjorie Evasco; Henrietta de Guzman, Kaye Quinones, Hannah Enanoria and Damsel; Damsel with one of the panelists)

May 7, 2008

Plenary Session 13: I make Stories for a Living, Short Story in English
Plenary Session 14: Red nga Dahon sa Green nga Mangga, Poetry in Cebuano
Plenary Session 15:My So Called Glamorous Life as a Freelance Writer, Essay in English
Plenary Session 16: Cotabato, Poetry in English
Plenary Session 17: Refleksyon, Poetry in Filipino
Lecturer: Timothy Montes

(l-r EJ Villena defends his Short Story; The 2009 Davao Writers Fellows and some panelists with Ma'am Morales  for Concerto, an independent film directed by her son)

"I'm turning this short story into a novellete"
"Masaktan muna ako para maintindihan ko"
"This is free writing"
"Inspirations ko? Anime and Fall out boy"
"This was meant to be a comic story"
(l-r,Awarding ceremony with the panelists;Damsel reads her poem, Rumba; Aaron, Damsel,Allen with Tita Lacambra Ayala; Jeff, Damsel, Allen with Jhoanna Lynn Cruz) 

May 8, 2009

Lecturer: Ricardo de Ungria
Plenary Session 18: Empty Spot, Short Story in English
Plenary Session 19: Amakan, Poetry in Cebuano
Plenary Session 20: Halayo nga Panaw, Poetry in Cebuano
Closing Ceremonies; Distribution of Certificates

Aftermath's Photographer: Aaron Jalalon

Words to live by during the 2009 Davao Writers Workshop

Macario Tiu- on Specific Particular Experience: The constituency
         should become familiar and familiarize your work so that you 
         will own the piece of art.
  -respect the language that you're writing in
  -mas ineffable ang experience pag dili  ma read 
       or maka understand ang readers
  -The poem has no metaphor!
  - This is so mechanical!
  - ilabay sa Bangkerohan river!

  Ricardo de Ungria- Images are there but they do not cohere
                                       -Music is there but it is out of place
                                   -Befriend the language

 Timothy Montes- This is a writer who has a sophisticated sense
          (referring to the author of My So-Called  
           Glamorous Life as a Freelance writer)
   -This is just an essay not a creative non fiction
   -This is a diarrhea of words
   - I was lost!
   - Ang usa ka balak naay human significance
   - Complexify your concept!

 Marjorie Evasco- on Writing: You have to have that kind of humility
       -Whatever you do have to to work
       -You have to see it from your ideal readers
       - go against the grain, explore shadows, go for the unsayable
       -Poetry's language is metaphorical
 - You have to know where you're coming from, if it's not familiar to you, 
    you can't understand it
   -pagbasa ug mga balak(poems) nga murag ballad
 - you have to create the silences around  the word they will configurate 
       the meaning of meaningfulness
 - you cannot hear if there is no silence around it
 - I'm not looking for meaning, I'm looking for the meaningfulness
 - Keep the very bad work para hindi makalimutan ang mistake
 -Break out the forms that you are really familiar with and release the true forms of your life
 - A succesful metaphor rises into something else
- Ignorance will not excuse you because you are supposed to know your language


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anne shane said...

"ilabay sa Bangkerohan river!"

OMG!!! i like this! LOL. ;)

grabe, ambrutal namaaaaaaaaaannn

Damsel said...

Yeah, linya yan always ni Sir Mac pag ayaw niya ang work mo. Oist shane, next year nga join ka Davao Writers ha!