9th IYAS Creative Writing Workshop

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Words to live by during the 9th IYAS Creative Writing Workshop:

~Marjorie Evasco

*What is private is not yet poetry therefore, you should not enter it yet.
*When I say cute, it's a terrible thing you say.

~Elsie Coscolluela

*The greatest set-up is craftmanship.
* We go for the smell of blood but not the actual tasting of it.
* Kulang pa sa kakugi...

~ Leoncio Deriada

*Never express the obvious.
*When we write, we should think of new images.
*Anything new is acceptable provided it works.
* Literature must be enjoyed. In order to enjoy, the reader must understand.
* Good poetry approximates the pattern of any spoken language.
* You must know the language to love it well.

~Iremil Teodoro

*Poetry should not freeze on the page, it should be heard.


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