Unsent Greeting Cards

I should have given these cards to my Mam,Mom,Sissy and Granny during Mother's Day but I lost track of  time . I  decided to post the "personalized greeting cards" here in my blog to somehow let them know that they are special*winkwink* 

for my grandmother

In the farmfield, 
 under the glare of the sun-
you sow seeds of love.

for my sister

you're a scaffolding,
proud and stronger than the rest-
humbly dedicated

for my mom

almost everyday,
nursing us like your own babies-
twenty years, atlast!

for my mother

a teacher and a mother-
you lead us the way.




To the readers:

If you happen to know my Mom, Mam, Granny and Sissy please tell them that I made something for them during the Mother's day. It was only because of my stupidity that I forgot to give them their Mother's Day cards. 


Kindly tell this "thing" to them only during my burial.
Thank You!

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2 endeavored to criticize:

Anonymous said...

it''s easy done by colers and lines, but because of that it's very beautiful, and nice
very nice done, keep it up:)

Damsel said...

Thank You!