Damsel's Bookshelf

because I have to read AAAALL of theeeeeeeeeeeessssse:

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1. Women Who Run with the Wolves
2. Sarilaysay
3. Surface Tension
4. Children of the Albatross
5. The Last Tycoon
7. Shakespeare
8.The Hours
9. On Photography
10. The Best American Essays
11.The Moon is Always Female
12. The Long Quiet Highway
13. 1996 O'Henry Awards
14.Witch's Dance
15. Hills like White Elephants
16.A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies
17.100 Years of Solitude
18.The God of Small Things
19.The Complete Short Fiction of Virginia Woolf
20. Leaf Storm
21. Willard and His Bowling Trphies
22.Six Tales of the Jazz Age
23.HAndmaid's Tale
24.A Portrait of an Artist as a young man
25.Pride & Prejudice
26.The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson
27.The Original Coming out Stories
28.Purpose Driven life


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