You sat, lonely, waiting at the side of the Boulevard
It was dusk.
People were busy chitchatting, laughing out with their stupid jokes-
But you, what’s new with those sad and misty eyes, as if cut like a knifed horizon,
As if bleeding like the sky.

You searched for something inside your bag,
Face went blank-
I glanced at you for the last time
Our eyes met, seizing the frozen moment.
They smile like lovely sunflowers,
They were the eyes
I ever wished to gaze at.
When the wind blew,
They die shyly
Feeling like acid on a wound.

After a moment of despair, I went
to look back at the horizon-
it was still the same,
the day was quick, as sudden as the moment
when I last laid my eyes upon you.

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2 endeavored to criticize:

gkae said...

this is quite sad best... best, try describing the horizon to make the atmosphere lonelier...huhu

Damsel said...

i'll edit this best sa summer. hahai...