Tonight, the moon flaunts beauty.
It stays lovely as your façade.
It never dances yet it sings
silently with the wind where slabs
of clouds create irregular notes
of bliss and awe.

Tonight, when I speak of nothing but its beauty,
I write your name in the sand.
They glitter like tiny diamonds in the doomed sky.
Your name I write with great passion
That doesn’t vanish solely by the wind
But by the inevitable tears of heaven.

I write and speak of beauty
like you and the moon’s
where my words go endless
stargazing for the only perfection
that glares

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3 endeavored to criticize:

gkae said...

best, i noticed that you keep on recaling someone...

gkae said...

*recalling.. missed one L

Damsel said...

it's okay...
uu, lagi ko yang namimiss best :(