What is it with dancing that you like so much?
Is it true that when you dance you think of
Nothing but just the passion?

How does it feel like dancing?
Do you dance like swaying leaves of a tree
Or does it feel like kissing and embracing the
Moves of the air?

Where can I find you when you’re dancing?
Is it through the seven-colored arc that you tiptoe
or just sleeping and dacning in your dreams while feeling a great slumber under the fluffy pillows of the cloud 9?

Why do you need to love dancing?
What is it with dancing that it can drive you to euphoria?
Can I be your prince for a while?
So I can accompany you doing some waltz

while day dreaming, tiptoeing above the rainbow of the forbidden heaven?

Or can I just be your pair of shoes
So I can direct you to the moves
That needs no pause until
Our hearts stop beating.

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