As the Hawk Hovers

The shared moments spent
with this young innocent boy
veiled my expectation
for tomorrow's trial.

It was because of him
that I've known where to combat sorrows,

what to shield with my aspirations
and how to battle with fate's indifference.

We both knew what to expect,
gazing above what awaits us-
Gloomy poison of cold air
vanished so rapidly as i sip,
sucking every detail of his appendage.

The reality of his facade
seeks for the mysterious sins of my past,
questioned with how
and why such things occurred.

The uniqueness of his innocence
warms my very being,
feeling every vein that connects me to him,
losing grips of hopes.

In every move he does,
rumples inch of my futility,
forgiving forbidden forces to invade.

what has left were the things he lost.
total darkness shed behind
the broken wall of fears
magnifying through
the translucent streaks of moonshine.

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