Your Highness

send me to the heart of your poetry
to the deepest of their world
mirrors of pain should be broken
when i enter

poetic jesters
should speak of their epic poems
until i rest my eyes to sleep
i hear no laughter- all but poems and seriousness

lonely jovials
should serve my dinner in their most elegant attire
the night should be lovely,
adored like them

the holy servants should dance
the way you do
i want an arabesque,
a passionate rhumba

while doing all the show
i should abandon them
you should send me a cab playing a requiem
command him to your throne

a red carpet should welcome me
yes, purely the red carpet
none of the servants should be delivered
it's more private if we only have ourselves

send me to the heart of your poetry
to your holy master Shakespeare
and Aristotle
serve me the sweetest their sonnets and criticisms

I would love to dine with you
that is if you could bring me into the deepest of their world.

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