Sonnet I

Repute, with stature and standing our dear populace has known,proud A
With your spirits high and gestures in the sky were strewed B
Better yet relish your royal possession with substantial mound A
Seek not for improbable realities of unearthly mood B
Otherwise dwell with incorporeal needs, C
But why abide for such ineffectual deeds? C
No seeds of yours would dare to couple or enshroud A
For her eyes would not want to settle with yours- not as good, B
Ours is different and of no deceit when you’re around A
Since we know our edged and fathomed prelude B
Defend her not with your cultured armor-in which she sees C
For sweet innocent ideals are those that she seeks C
Defend no more of your unearthly love, immaterial of no sense. D
With our grounds of real love- apt to mature, devoid of pretense.

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1 endeavored to criticize:

dafni quinto said...

Waw. great fourteen-liner!
"The serpent fascinates its prey."
I'm now a follower! hehehehe ^^
You have drawn my interest here, dear!