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Monday, November 12, 2007

Beautiful girls passing by
White lights fashing
& I begin to sigh.

I wanted to eat soup-
I saw sundae then I stoop,
Books are beside me
and I wanted to pee

Pissed off by the soup macaroni
but I got myself by a sales lady.
I saw a bald customer
Then I remembered Vollmer

I saw Jobee smiling
Then I paused- caught myself crying.
It was sunday afternoon
That the sky shown its moon

The moon was light
and fed its light
It was so striking
that I suddenly lost my sight.

I looked at the macaroni
Then I gazed at lil Sally
I left the seat-empty
I returned hopelessly.

It stabbed me-
My phone, my life empty-
no battery I enclosed it inside my pocket
Then it reminded me to an empty bucket,

No replies-no messages
No soup- no savages
How, how could this be-
i'm hopeless, hopelessas you can see
Icouldn't eat macaroni
& my phone, its dead- empty.

:Written at Jollibee Matina with Josh, situation: couldn't eat macaroni salad, empty phone, bored, waiting for the pictures to be developed, disappointed aboput Fil 21's thing: T.E: 12:40 pm

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