Medusa's Venom

I unpacked the luggages when
suddenly you loaded yours with eagerness.
I disentangled the lace from Josh's neck,
but you prefered to clasp it with your hands.
I witnessed how helpless you were,
but where were you when I needed you the most?

You burned my letters-
I collected the ashes keeping it inside the wooden box.
I made you simple things thinking you would appreciate them
but you shoved it away- infront of me.
I sang you melodious hums-
The door banged- did you wish it would happen?
You look back- away from me, towards the direction of the wind
tight the capiz-shelled window.
Was that a form of disbelief?

How many cats do I have to hear
just to believe everything's unintentional.
How many barks do I need to permit piercing my
broken ear drums just to make sure that nothing's fake.
How many lectures do i have to attend for you to believe
I'm always here.

I wasn't able to give you the photographed memories
we shared but I'm willing to share the chip in my brain
for you to experience how happy I was when we're together.
I wasn't able to supply everything you wanted but I have here an
etched recollection of happy yesterdays.

"I'm happy" that for sure an assurance,
but I wouldn't know what is it at the back of your mind-
forces urging you not to believe in me- lack of faith,
that was it?

ellipsis comes running back and forth
tired of nothing to believe something would assure him,
but here you go ended the whole affair-
finally ellipsis falls into his doom, a promise of
his demise.

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