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Monday, November 26, 2007

(for G)

I know how enraged you were,
eaten by your own anger

with the fierce facade
that has eaten the whole of my solitude,
broke the fear of my pure
relentless eyes,
nothing to procure.

Stealthy tears.
Genuine fears.
Sincere cares.

Like a thief in the night,
when I'm out of sight with dark,
grays and blues of light
I surrender,
you were admittingly right,

All the burdensome sadness we had,
Today's the moment for the memorable fad.




Sketching the embossed memories of yesterday
Putting real meaning in life's hay

With the melting mold of the clay
Together we'll be happy each day,


Embracing with eagerness within us,

Fragmented reasons of our auburn
Everything happened,
I'm leaving, riding this stagnant bus.

Inspired because my bestfriend accepted my apology.
Happy for I may now sleep thoroughly.
Do I love my bestfriend?

Hahaha, I may now answee YES, ABSOLUTELY.

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