Home Alone

It stood there for almost 21 years,
with lintels and pillars
of age decayed memories
of yesterdays and roots of fruitful tomorrow-
hovering a shadowed future.

Fenced with passion with markings
of smiles and hearts,
Lighted with pastels-
glaring bright streaks
from speckled moonshine.

How wondrous things could be!

An abstraction of colored-
glass tinted with intricacies
as a reflection of disordered
coordination when,how,why,what,who?

The air breathes in and out of the screened eyes,
passing every melancholy and despair,
How the linen folds says how impatient
the wallpaper acts.

Goodbye four cornered-room,
Goodbye stinky hallowed dwelling,
Goodbye dark colored doom
Goodbye disgusted telling,

I still must rest with awe.

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