Thread of Secrecy

Closed doors,
Mouth's shut Nothing's heard-
a dove,
blotted with fears and anguish

helplessly roared above
the scraped shadows of the sun
Bled with torments and despair
Jailed with so much guilt-
heart's palpitation
was above normal veins cut-
shed of blood.

A fowl with its hacked beak
Ripped out innocence
from an unsinned facade,
now in discourse with pegasus
waiting for the sun to breakclouds to shine,
wind to blow,
and birds to chirp.

Nothing to wait for guilt
swallowed the relentless shadow of darkness-
nowhere to hide-
for conscience's battled with pride.

No way to escape,
the dimmed hole's always a hole-
unsearchable unless trekked.

Tomorrow's beamed- out with swayable
discourses Wrinkled with sympathy
and ruthless discoloration,

Of truth and unreserved
blindness this tightened
harness I know would forever be endured.

When you came I was blinded
by the lights forever out of sight
with your unexpected welcome.

How come I had experienced
such plight when all i did
was to be innocent and out of guilt.

From the time I ensured my conviction
You betrayed my will of innocence-
pure, virgin- as white as dove.

You left me a scar that will
forever be cherished- a wounded lady,
unretrieved by the fowl's broken
beak- hanging on the thread of secrecy.

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