Flavor of Stars

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The caricature of his physique
draws me near to him
He looks at me with a simple glance-
not knowing what to expect.

A tear from the sky
blankets the moment
as i turned back from him.

I looked at him from a far
and he goes with the rain's rhythm-
Letting those tears fall
from his grieving eyes
I noticed the fear-

the fear I have never seen on him before.

I whispered to the wind, enough...
rainfall has kept on falling
shedding every tree,
flower and rock it touches-

he was there in solitude-
in company with his indifference.

Those sincere smiles,
soft touches has now turned
into an enigmatic dream,
the dream i never expected
to become real.

As I touch every object i feel like a wind-
important yet unseen
I have thought that one day-

ill be dancing in a ball,
a ball where laughter and smiles are genuine,

a ball where all of the knights
are in their armor knowing
that there is someone

whom I know I am safe to be with-
his shield's on wrapped around me,
colored lights are on-

i like classic before but ended up with reggae,
spontaneous, jazzy and with a touch of being classy.

He is too unblunt to not express what he feels-
coals turn to ashes,
and paper to dust,
but something real
and sincere is unalterable.

I have had enough of yesterday's savor,
I'm in search for another flavor
A flavor that would finally bring me into satisfaction-
i think that was the flavor i had before,
a flavor of failure
a flavor of unrequited love.

Yesterday's not enough
with smiles and goodbyes-
Tomorrow's unfilled with truth-

inaccuracy, what for to wait,
the stars are brightly twinkling-
designed to have pattern,
a pattern of purpose.

in this pattern of solving the maze
i doubt if i can get out victorious,
i wonder how fate made me to become such,
once in my life-
i wanted to become a star,
something that has pattern,

something worth admiring
and something that can fufill one's wishes in searching,
searching? yes, for that something...

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